Where did it all start?


Before it was JBS as JW Haulage

A image of Jason Whent at the age of 17 sat in a old white Iveco van in his garden.

At the age of 17 Jason Whent joins the Road Haulage business as “JW Transport” with a 3.5T Iveco panel van taking glass paneling and green houses all around the United Kingdom for Halls @ Paddock Wood.


The First HGV, and start of the obsession 

A old image of the first HGV used for sub contracting for various clients such as Bosmans, the HGV is a Volvo F7 16 Tonne Rigid

The first “HGV” replaces the Iveco in the form of a used Volvo F7 16 tonne rigid. Sub-contracting for various clients such as Bosmans.

1992 - 1994

1st Road Train

A photo of Jason's Cousin "Boo" loading the Volvo F7 16 Tonne Rigid with a red forklift

Jason’s Cousin “Boo” joins the company along with the 1st Road Train going on the road due to ever growing demands.


JW Haulage grows and a Collaboration see’s JBS Haulage go LIVE

A photo of the first new Lorry to join the fleet in the form of a Blue Iveco 17 Tonne Rigid, image shows a side profile of the truck

Jason, along with Father Bob and family friend Sid collaborate to form JBS Haulage contractors now with 5 assets running. The first new Lorry in the form of an Iveco 17 tonne rigid joins the fleet.

1996 – 1998


Old image of the new location with all of the trucks we had at the time, all blue and white trucks in the yard.
The company moves from the family farm in Wrotham up to the Eurolink business park in Sittingbourne, conveniently located closely to a large client. Ongoing demand for more driver’s see’s Garry joining the team. The JBS Blue livery is introduced.
2001 – 2003

A Growing Fleet

a old image of the newest truck at the time in the form of a Renault Magnum with a side and front view next to one of our other trucks making this the 10th

The fleet continues to grow, a modern Renault Magnum is sourced making 10 assets on the road as Jason comes into the traffic office to concentrate on the future of the business

2005 – 2006

Deals Are Made

A picture of a boy stood in front of a blue Sparchatts Mercedes Truck
A deal is done with Sparshatts Mercedes Trucks and Garry joins Jason in the traffic office.


A photo of one of our Scana tractor parked on a angle showing the front & side
JBS Haulage Contractors becomes a Limited company, and the growth continues.

New Arrivals

a photo of Calvin stood next to a. blue JBS truck that has a flatbed on it carrying a speedboat
Calvin joins the company as a driver

Evolving Roles

A photo of Calvin & Garry stood next to each other outside the JBS workshop
Calvin comes off the road into the traffic office as the company reaches 25 assets on the road


3 box trailers lined up next to each other coming from the left to the centre of the image with one blue JBS Lorry at the back and centre of the photo.
The move into larger premises and to our current location becomes necessary due to the larger fleet. The workshop becomes necessary and Lee joins the ranks to maintain the fleet.

Yorkshire Base

3 blue JBS trucks lined up next to each other in our yorkshire base.
JBS remote transport yard in Yorkshire officially opens


A image inside our expanded workshop, to the left of the image is a white truck being worked one while 2 other trucks are parked up behind it
Covid 19 strikes, JBS expand the workshop business to take on external customers and the transport/traffic office moves in above the workshop

Continued Expansion

All of our team in a line stood next to each other posing for a photo i n front of the JBS workshop

Now with 50 trucks plus trailers, the transport yard expands for more space, the transport office moves and John joins the team to maintain the compliance.


Join Us On The Journey


Bonham Drive
Eurolink Business Park
ME10 3RR


Bottoms Mill
West Yorkshire